Connecting the Dots

Connecting the dots’, which is to say if you’re happy doing something even if you aren’t sure of its practical purpose, your choice will matter in the future.

Who We are

TechSense is the flagship service of The DoTs, a Luxembourg-based marketing agency that primarily focuses on the realms of technology, innovation and digital. We are committed to connecting people together, creating emulation, and generating new leads for our clients.

We are a team of 8+ people with more than 60 cumulative years of experience in marketing, communication, and event organization. Our network includes thousands of tech decision makers, CEOs, and entrepreneurs from the banking, insurance, industrial, and public sectors in Luxembourg, Europe and globally.

What is our mission

We connect the dots through multiple services, products, and channels. We are a Marketing-as-a-Service company that offers the flexibility and personalization level you need to successfully reach your audience, project your brand, secure your usual sources of revenue and create new ones. We have the necessary marketing capabilities to help you accelerate your business and expand your market footprint. Get the best tech content and lead generation services on the market. Harness the full potential of our extended network. Adding a dot to make a line.

Techsense Services

TechSense is the key product of the company The DoTs, the best marketing agency focused on technology, innovation and digital industry.


The studio offers tailor-made solutions for every project that has a unique identity according to its context.

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